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Regrouping Mobility clusters to develop Skills and Exchange
REMOBILISE is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening cluster management excellence while facilitating strategic connections between our clusters and our specialised ecosystems and cities across Europe, in the sector of mobility.


The EVOLUTE project, standing for “wE striVe fOr cLUsTer Excellence in the Automotive and Land Machine Industry” join the forces of 6 clusters of ALM Industry suppliers. The aim is helping companies and their employees to be prepared for future challenges (e.g. disruptive developments, digital & green transformation, challenges due to Covid-19) through new offers and services.

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The RESIST Eurocluster, Resilience Through Sustainable Processes and Production for the European Automotive Industry will release 1,05M€ to support European SMEs in their twin transition and increase their resilience level. Supporting SMEs from the Mobility, Transport and Automotive ecosystem in developing more sustainable solution in close cooperation with manufacturing and digital SMEs. Raising awareness and preparing employees towards digitalisation, green engineering, and circularity in the manufacturing industry. Open the manufacturing market to those SMEs that need to realign their business

Supporting the smes SUstainaibility and REsilience transition towards industry 5.0 in the mobility, transport & automotive, aerospace and electronics European ecosystems. The SURE5.0 project aims to support European SMEs working on these industrial ecosystems, to advance in their digital transformation process while becoming more human-centric, sustainable and resilient.


Project FLAMENCO is a ERASMUS+ Co-funded project with the main goal to analyse and pilot forward-looking approaches and methods to enable and make sustainable collaboration on the skills intelligence in the Automotive-Mobility Ecosystem.
The purpose of Flamenco project is to make the collaboration of the existing partnership pragmatic and sustainable (outreach to other Pact for Skills partnerships as a good practice) so that it brings valuable information about the new technological and societal trends, related skills needs training offer/needs and other goals in terms of the skills intelligence leading up to the re-/up-skilling within the European mobility ecosystem.

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