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 About Us 

The Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster was created in 2018 by the leading component manufacturers for the automotive industry. UAMC is a platform that brings together anufacturers, suppliers, service companies, educational institutions, research insitutes associations and government agencies.


Ukraine is a good location for automotive manufactures, the reliable partner, the attractive employer and the driver for innovation development.



Driving and creating favorable conditions for automotive business resilience in Ukraine


Strategic Goals

  • To make attractive Ukrainian automotive and mobility industry

  • To promote production localisation in Ukraine

  • To be a driver for Mobility and SMART infrastructure development in Ukraine 

  • To build capacities and to grow Ukrainian automotive and mobility ecosystem 

To provide quality services to its members, Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster develops coordinated activities at national level which cover Ukrainian automotive sector, and which are strongly oriented to the internationalisation of Ukrainian companies. Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster aims to support and promote among members the initiatives of smart specialisation, better integration into European values chains, innovations, digital and green transition.


From January 2021 Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster became a co-founder and active member of European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN).  


From March 2022 UAMC became a co-founder of Ukrainian Cluster Alliance (UCA). For today UCA  became a full member of European Cluster Alliance(ECA) and registered at ECCP. From July 2022 UCA is a networking partner of EIT Manufacturing. From September 2022 UCA is a full member of TCI Network. By the end of 2022 the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance unites 60 cluster organisations with more than 2200 enterprises and science-research organisations.

From January 2023 Ukrainian Automotive and Mobility Cluster is an active member of Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA). And from August 2023 – partner of EIT Urban Mobility.

In 2023 UAMC has launched e-learning platform AutomotiveSkillsHub in a frame of the EU2Business program.  

In May 2023 UAMC fulfills the set of “Eligibility Criteria for Cluster Management Excellence Labels” of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), has participated in a cluster benchmarking process according to the ECEI methodology and achieve Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE – Striving for Cluster Excellence. 

Board Members


Dr. Olga Trofymova

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Cluster manger


Volodymyr Lempert

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Owner, Spetztekhosnastka


Oleksandr Starodub

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CEO, Spheros-Electron JV

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Director, VD MAIS


Andriy Matsyhin

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General Director of Fujikura Automotive Ukraine

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Our Community




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